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Why "Emprise"?


"emprise" - a chivalrous undertaking: honourable, respectful, considerate, courteous, courageous


Emprise Pty Ltd is the family company of Shaun O'Brien and Carole O'Brien.  

Emprise Pty Ltd (ABN 52 060 359 195) owns and trades as:

  • Mandurah Mobility Products

  • Emprise Mobility

  • Emprise Stairlifts

Shaun and Carole created the Emprise identity in May, 1997. The modern term “enterprise” is derived from the Old English word “emprise”.

Emprise: "An undertaking, enterprise; esp. one of an adventurous or chivalrous nature. Chivalric enterprise, martial prowess."

Chivalry: "The system of behaviour followed by knights in the medieval period of history that put a high value on honour, kindness and courage."

Emprise described an adventurous and chivalrous undertaking. Such an undertaking could be expected to involve an extended scope, difficulty, challenge or risk, and required the knight committed to the undertaking to demonstrate courage, honesty, prowess (gained through years of both training and experience), initiative, imagination and a willingness to undertake new ventures. The knight was expected to live up to the strict principles and moral code of his rank, as defined by the times in which he lived, and to be fully committed to succeed.

Translated into modern terms, we believe that “emprise” describes both our company and each of our business undertakings - a challenging undertaking, to which we are committed to succeed, that we approach with professionalism, initiative, creativity, innovation, courage, honour, skill and experience.


Emprise Pty Ltd

Perth, Western Australia.

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